Phenolic Free Rosin Resins

Offset Printing

Phenol Free Rosin Resins

ApplicationsPhysical CharacterizationFeaturesViscosity (Pa.s) 23oC, 25s-1Cloud Point (oC)

Solids (%)
Test OilTypical ValueSolids (%)Test OilTypical Value
ECO-REZTM 350CSheetfed and Heatset offset inks. Pigment dispersions.High viscosity rosin ester with excellent tolerance for low KB oils.Fast setting. Higher melting point. Low yellowing.50M47Z4 G-H10g varnishM47>100ml
ECO-REZTM 4237CWebfed (Heatset and Coldset) offset inks. Sheetfed. Low odor inks. Flushes. Wetting varnishes.High viscous, low soluble rosin ester.Fast setting. Higher melting point. Low odor. Low yellowing.33.3ARLOZ6 G-H10g varnishM4715ml
ECO-REZTM 9710COverprint varnishes. Webfed (Heatset and Coldset) offset inks. Sheet. Pigment wetting.Pigment wetting resin.Outstanding lithographic and pigment wetting properties.33.3ARLO7 sec. G-H106/9 AF90
ECO-REZTM 9730CWebfed (Heatset and Coldset) offset inks. Sheetfed.Structured resin.Outstanding lithographic properties for high speed ink.33.3ARLO75 25oC, 2.5s-1106/990
ECO-REZTM 9760CWebfed (Heatset and Coldset) offset inks.Highly structured resin.Highly structured vehicle systems, outstanding water balance.33.3ARLO215 25oC, 2.5s-1106/9120