Corporate Officers & Senior Management

Lawter has been serving the graphic arts, adhesives, specialty coatings, aroma chemicals and the synthetic rubber industries for over 60 years. This has been in part due to a strong corporate and management team.

Yoshihiro Hasegawa



Ichiro Taninaka

President and Chief Executive Officer


Hisato Sato

Vice President, Finance & Information Systems


Shigeaki (Paul) Kadomukai

Vice President, Sales, HR, and Corporate Planning


Mikio Katayama

Vice President, Business Development & Global Operations


Kevin O’Callaghan

Director, Global Supply Chain & Procurement


Eugene O’Shea

Global Controller


Jaap van den Born

Commercial Director, EMEA & North America


Lou Villella

Commercial Director, ANZ, ASEAN, Asia


Jorge Nieszawski

Commercial Manager, South America


Christel Baete

Director, Global Information Systems and Business Processes


David Bainbridge

Director, Global Research & Development