Welcome to Lawter

We are delighted you have chosen to learn
more about our company.

As part of Harima Chemicals Group, we are a company
strong in pine chemicals and built on products developed
using pine chemical resources.  Over the past 60 years,
highly successful businesses have come together to create
the company we are today – a leading supplier to the
graphic arts, adhesives, specialty coatings aroma
chemicals and the synthetic rubber industries.

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Our Philosophy

Our Corporate Philosophy is shared with Harima.

Harima is a company which strives to cooperate with nature in the utilization of its blessings to enhance the quality of life.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help build a productive and humanistic society, with our goal being the creation of a truly global company which places a premium on its people and technology.

Our policy

Our policy is to provide a cooperative atmosphere in which we seek mutual understanding and trust, and to intelligently and responsibly meet all challenges.

In the depth of our sincerity, we’re number one.

Lawter is an organization that has a reputation for outstanding leadership, innovation, and expertise.  Our employees use their talents to research new solutions, meet new demands, and offer the most effective products in the industry.

Our corporate values are based on:


Satisfied customers are the key to our success.


We value the skills, strengths, and perspectives of our
diverse global team.


Innovation and creativity are requirements to deliver
value in terms of products and services.


We provide a safe workplace and promote the health
and well-being of the Lawter family and community.


In order to guarantee our future we must produce a
profit generating fair returns on the assets entrusted
to us by our shareholders.


We practice the highest ethical standards and honor
our commitments.