Health and Safety Performance

Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Our Vision

Lawter will continue its pursuit to become the industry’s most valued supplier of specialty chemicals and continue our commitment to Better, sustainable chemistry.

Lawter’s strategy for meeting its QEH&S commitments and for achieving the Vision is to have in place:

  • Well communicated principles and behaviours that promote continuous QEH&S performance improvement through leadership and personal responsibility (People).
  • Equipment and materials that are designed and maintained fit for purpose (Process).
  • A QEH&S Management System with systems of work that ensure the integrity of plant and people-based control measures are sustained (Procedures).

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to cultivating an innovative, diverse, and involved workplace.

We are committed to managing our operations and associated activities in a safe, and sustainable manner and believe that all work related injuries, illnesses and environmental incidents are preventable.

We take pride in operating at the highest possible level of environmental and health safety, while providing unmatched quality and maintaining our clients with innovative solutions.

We understand that our customers’ success is directly linked with our own. We strive for total customer satisfaction by understanding our customer’s business, organization, and strategy in order to meet all their requirements and go beyond expectations.

To achieve this, we will

  • Drive behaviours which demonstrate a strong commitment to Lawter’s Life Saving Rules, and we empower our people to intervene if they observe unsafe work.
  • Strive to ensure our facilities operate to the highest standards and regulations, to protect our employees, contractors, neighbours and the environment.
  • Continue to seek ways to efficiently use materials and energy
  • Seek to develop new or improved products and processes to improve the contribution we make to the quality of people’s lives and to minimise the impact on the environment.
  • Communicate, consult, and actively engage with our stakeholders in the identification, assessment, control and verification of risks, leveraging the hierarchy of controls.
  • Provide appropriate QEHS information and training for all stakeholders who work for us, handle our products, or operate our technologies.
  • Record and report all incidents and near miss events, ensure investigations identify root causes, and there is accountability for corrective actions to minimize recurrence.
  • Commit to continuously improving our QEHS performance through monitoring, reviewing and reporting and develop objectives, targets and programs to drive improvements.
  • Commit to the manufacture of high-quality products in an accurate and timely manner for our customer base. We will satisfy customer requirements and continually improve our processes to enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction.

We make this commitment to our employees, contractors, customers and the community as we work towards our vision of “Better, sustainable chemistry”

Mikio Katayama

President & CEO

Joost van Helden

Director, Global Operations

Craig Duxfield

Global QEHS Manager