Global Supplier
Code of Conduct Policy
July 2023

Lawter creates chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection in our business operations and enable our customers to meet the current and future needs of society.

We strive to connect our strengths with our suppliers’ competencies to make full use of the opportunities sustainable development offers. This also implies that we expect our suppliers as well as their suppliers and subcontractors to fully comply with applicable laws and adhere to internationally recognized environmental, social and corporate governance standards (ESG standards).

We particularly expect you as our supplier to support, embrace and enact the following ESG standards which are based on the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact initiative.


  • You comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations.
  • You promote the safe and environmentally sound development, manufacture, transport, use and disposal of your products.
  • You protect your employees’ and neighbors’ life and health, as well as the general public at large against hazards inherent in your processes and products.
  • You use resources efficiently, apply energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technologies and reduce waste, as well as emissions to air, water and soil.
  • You minimize your impact on biodiversity, climate change and water scarcity.


  • You support the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, including minimum wage and working hours.
  • You fight forced labor, child labor and discrimination at the workplace.
  • You uphold the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.


  • You abide by all applicable national and international antitrust and trade control regulations.
  • You work against corruption including bribery and ensure that personal relationships do not affect business activities.
  • You abstain from any money laundering activities.

Our relationship with you is based on mutual trust and respect. You may also demonstrate your commitment to these principles through compliance with your own code of conduct or company policies that embrace these standards. However, Lawter may ask you to verify your compliance with these ESG standards by any of the following methods and to take corrective action if there is a reason for concern:

  • Self-Assessments: We may ask you to fill in a questionnaire on compliance with ESG standards.
  • Third-Party Assessments: We may solicit desk-top information from a third party, e.g. a data provider, on your compliance and performance with regard to ESG standards.
  • Certifications/Statements: We may ask you for a certification or statement confirming compliance with ESG standards.
  • On-Site Audits: We or an authorized third party acting on our behalf may contact you and ask for permission to verify compliance with ESG standards on site.

Ensuring the principles of sustainable development in our supply chain is important to us. You are part of our supply chain – Lawter counts on your commitment!

Mikio Katayama
President & CEO

Kevin O’Callaghan
Director, Global Supply Chain & Procurement

Craig Duxfield Manager
Global QEHS

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