Lawter EVP and COO, Jeroen Triesscheijn discussed the new fingerprint resistant and self-restoring coating agent being shown at CHINACOAT.

“One thing we hope to accomplish at CHINACOAT is to promote the fingerprint resisting and self-restoring coating for Asia and also Europe and the more logical Lawter regions,” Triesscheijn said. “So Lawter will take that product and market it.””This is the most intriguing product we’re marketing. When you put your fingerprint on it, the fingerprintwill disappear. This would be for the front or back of a touch screen device, in smart coatings.”

This product is already arrived in Japan, where Lawter’s mother company, Harima Chemicals, Inc. is located.

“We are sharing a booth with Harima Chemicals Group., which is our mother company,” Triesscheijn said. “We market our products on one hand as Harima and on the other hand as Lawter. Harima has activities primarily in Japan, but also paper activities in North America and then some activities in Brazil. Lawter has a larger footprint covering North and South America, Europe, and many Asian countries. So that’s why we’re here as one group.”

Lawter also introduced a rosin based dispersion for the packaging ink market enabling customers to formulate a renewable resource into acrylic dispersion formulations under the name SnowPack.

In terms of business in China and Asia overall, Triesscheijn is optimistic for coatings.

“Business in China is picking up a bit, Southeast Asia overall is doing okay,” he said. “The ink part of it is not really growing but the coatings part is.”

AUTHOR: Josh Moody
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