Mar. 7, 2019

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Ms. Jennie Nilsson, Swedish Minister for Rural Affairs, visiting Japan met with Mr.Magnus Robach, Swedish Ambassador to Japan, and Mr. Yoshihiro Hasegawa, President of Harima Chemicals Group, Inc., to exchange opinions at the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo on March 4, 2019.

Harima Chemicals Group, Inc. has a (25%) stake in SunPine AB (Pitea, Sweden) that produces biodiesel fuel using forest resources in Sweden. Lawter B.V. (Lawter), Harima’s subsidiary, purchases all of the concurrently produced pine resin (rosin) and uses it as a raw material for printing ink resin and adhesives in Europe. President Hasegawa explained to Minister Nilsson the mechanism of how the chemical substances obtained from pine and other coniferous trees are utilized in various commodities and activities of the Harima Chemicals Group.

Minister Nilsson remarked: “Both Sweden and Japan have the majority of its land area covered by forests, which means that we have similar environments. SunPine’s approach to make the most of forest resources seems to have a good potential. We hope that our countries continue to cooperate for the realization of a sustainable society, taking advantage of our experience and expertise.”

“Sweden aims to be the first fossil-fuel free country in the world. We would like to continue the relationship with Harima.”

President Hasegawa said: “SunPine plans to increase its productive capacity by 50%, and we hope for its success. It is very much an honor for us to get involved in your country in the pine chemical business for the building of a sustainable society.”


Minister for Rural Affairs Jennie Nilsson (At the window-side table, second from the right), Ambassador Magnus Robach (next to her on the left), and President Hasegawa (At the table nearer to the camera, second from the right)

SunPine AB
Company name: SunPine AB
Location: Pitea, Sweden
Representative: Magnus Edin
Founding of the company: 2006 (Started its operation in 2010)
Capital: 6.6 million Swedish krona
Sales: 1.203 billion Swedish krona (Approximately 15.07 billion yen in 2017)
Major business: Manufacturing and selling tall fatty acid for biodiesel and tall oil rosin

Public Relations, Harima Chemicals Group, Inc.

AUTHOR: Hayley Butcher
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