Mar. 23, 2020

Harima Announces Strategic Partnership

Harima Chemicals Group (“HARIMA”) is pleased to announce entering a partnership agreement with Takasago International Corporation (“TAKASAGO”), leading manufacturer in the flavors and fragrances industry which celebrates its centennial in 2020. 

The partnership involves TAKASAGO’s purchasing of all shares (shareholding ratio: 2.3%) that Mitsubishi Corporation, a global integrated business enterprise, holds in Harima’s subsidiary LAWTER B.V. (the Netherlands), with HARIMA and TAKASAGO to become the only two stake owners. 

Basing its business on efficiently utilizing resources of pine tree origin, such as rosin, fatty acids and turpentine, HARIMA has been active in the chemical industry in over 11 countries around the world. Rosin is the primary material for such items as adhesive resins, printing ink resins, paper chemicals and electronic materials used in a wide array of products that support our daily living. Turpentine is the primary source for aroma chemicals, and LAWTER manufactures this important ingredient, together with turpentine derivatives, at its facilities in New Zealand and Argentina. 

Through this partnership, LAWTER will provide a stable supply of turpentine derivatives to be used in TAKASAGO’s Aroma, Flavors, Fragrances and Fine Chemicals businesses, which is expected to strengthen ties between our companies and promote further growth into the future.

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AUTHOR: Josh Moody
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